Why Instrument Rental Is The Perfect Option For Your Child To Start Their Musical Career


Learning an instrument is one of the best opportunities you can give your child, as it not only stimulates their creativity, but it can also help teach them other qualities like perseverance and patience. However, there are many challenges that can arise when trying to teach your child an instrument, and it can be a difficult process to start. Instrument rental counters a lot of these problems and gives your child a much clearer path to finding their perfect instrument.

7 August 2020

Two tips to remember if your child is starting music lessons


If your child has expressed an interest in learning to play an instrument and you have, as a result of this, arranged for them to start having music lessons, here are two pieces of advice to follow. 1. Be prepared to encourage them to persist with their lessons if they get frustrated When a person starts learning how to play an instrument, there is often a steep learning curve. Adults taking music lessons understand that although the feelings of ineptitude that come with this can be frustrating, this is a normal and short-lived stage of the learning process that simply needs to be endured.

27 January 2020