FAQ For First Time Piano Buyers


If you have been thinking about buying your first piano, but aren't sure what type you want, or what the main components of a piano are, don't lose hope. These frequently asked questions for first time piano buyers will provide you with answers you need to shop for your new piano with confidence. How Many Keys Does a Piano Have? -- A standard piano has 88 keys, with 36 black keys and 52 white keys.

30 June 2015

3 Amazing Jazz Clarinetists You Need to Listen To


With a sound that can be both soothing and beautifully ominous, the clarinet is a fundamental part of any orchestra. Larger orchestras can feature up to 30 of these woodwinds, and their dulcet versatility give composition a richness and depth not heard with any other instrument. While the clarinet is largely seen as a classical instrument to be played as part of an ensemble, there's much joy to had from listening to its solo sibling - the jazz clarinet.

8 April 2015