Three Great Reasons to Rent Instruments for Your Children


Playing an instrument is excellent for a child's development, with Classic FM explaining a range of benefits from improved memory and abstract reasoning through to an improved social life and lower levels of stress. This guide explains three reasons that instrument rental is the ideal way to support your child's musical journey, providing flexibility and convenience.

Let Them Try Something New

It's natural for children to want to try something new, whether it's playing the piano, learning their favourite songs on guitar or joining their school's brass band. Instrument rental allows your children to try out whatever instrument they like without you having to make a huge financial investment. It can take a few tries for your child to find the perfect instrument, and it'll lead to resentment all around if you've bought a drum kit and they decide to play the trombone instead. With instrument rental, you can easily send back an instrument that isn't getting played and choose something else for your child with no huge fees or costs.

Support Their Music Lessons at Home

If your child is having music lessons and practising music at school, it might be helpful for them if you rent an instrument to play at home. Having an instrument at home will allow them to easily rehearse for any performances they have, practice exam pieces or simply give them the time to experiment and create their own original music. Instrument rental is a budget-friendly way of getting your child an instrument to use at home, whether you opt to have the instrument around all the time for year-round practice or choose to rent it for a few weeks at a time around tests, exams and performances.

Save Yourself Time and Money

Buying a brand new instrument can be a huge financial investment, and many families are unable to afford the cost all at once. This means that instrument rental can be the perfect option, as it allows you to pay an affordable monthly fee for as long as you need the instrument. It also saves you time, as when buying an instrument, there's a lot of pressure to figure out exactly which piano, guitar or trumpet would be perfect for your child — but with instrument rental, you can easily swap out an instrument later on. Finally, instrument rental companies generally deal with maintenance and repair, saving you time and effort.

If you want to allow your children to explore different instruments and enjoy music at home, while also saving yourself money and time, instrument rental is sure to provide a flexible, cost-efficient way to do so. Speak to a local instrument rental company about your options.


2 September 2021

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