Why Instrument Rental Is The Perfect Option For Your Child To Start Their Musical Career


Learning an instrument is one of the best opportunities you can give your child, as it not only stimulates their creativity, but it can also help teach them other qualities like perseverance and patience. However, there are many challenges that can arise when trying to teach your child an instrument, and it can be a difficult process to start. Instrument rental counters a lot of these problems and gives your child a much clearer path to finding their perfect instrument. Here are three reasons why instrument rental could be the perfect way for your child to start learning how to play. 

Options Galore

When you buy a musical instrument, there is a certain finality that means your child will most likely not be able to try out other instruments for at least a few years. If your child ends up not enjoying the instrument you choose (for whatever reason) then this could be where their musical interest stops dead. However, when you rent instruments, there is much less of a risk on your behalf, and you can try out multiple instruments at the same time with little financial worry. You can also have access to much more expensive instruments that you would never normally be able to get near, such as a double bass. 

Let Your Child Make Mistakes

Most children want to learn one of a few different instruments — primarily guitar, drums or piano. By allowing them the chance to explore these before you buy them, you give them the opportunity to figure out whether they actually like these instruments because they are popular or because they themselves enjoy playing them. Once they figure this out for themselves, they often will try more niche instruments that they realise they enjoy better. Just being around music will help them refine their tastes, so let them make mistakes until they settle on the instrument they truly enjoy.


Cost is, of course, a big factor when it comes to renting an instrument, but this is not wasted money. If your child ends up loving the instrument and wanting to keep it, then most instrument rental companies will allow them to buy it at the end of the contract for a reduced amount. You can also save even more money by renting a pre-owned instrument which has been refurbished. Often the quality is not even slightly different; it has just had someone else play it a few times. For the budget-conscious, instrument rental is the way to go. 

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7 August 2020

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