FAQ For First Time Piano Buyers


If you have been thinking about buying your first piano, but aren't sure what type you want, or what the main components of a piano are, don't lose hope. These frequently asked questions for first time piano buyers will provide you with answers you need to shop for your new piano with confidence.

How Many Keys Does a Piano Have? -- A standard piano has 88 keys, with 36 black keys and 52 white keys. The black keys are known as 'sharps,' and they produce interval sounds between the notes played on the white keys. Throughout the development of the piano over hundreds of years, piano makers discovered that 88 keys are sufficient to encompass the full range of music that composers write. In addition, the 88 keys produce music audible to the human ear. Notes beyond the 88 keys featured on a standard piano are often not pitched to human hearing.

What Are Grey Market Pianos? -- Grey market pianos are pianos that aren't sold by authorised dealers. They are also known as off-market pianos, and they often come without a warranty or customer support. Most grey market pianos are used or refurbished versions of the ones sold by authorised dealers, so you will pay a much lower cost if you choose to buy this type of piano. Most grey market pianos are name-brand pianos, but you can also find some off-brand pianos that are built with lower quality standards. If budget is a big consideration, you may want to buy a grey market piano, but the term 'buyer beware' is applicable to this type of purchase.

What Are the Main Types of Pianos? -- Pianos are typically sold in two styles: grand piano and upright or vertical piano. Grand pianos are the Rolls Royce of pianos, and they are built with horizontal strings unlike upright pianos, which feature vertical strings. The horizontal configuration of a grand piano's strings are more compatible with gravity, which helps these pianos produce faster repetition than with upright pianos. Grand pianos have longer keys than upright pianos, which allows for greater control and touch when played. Grand pianos also produce a deeper, richer sound than upright pianos, and are much bigger and heavier. Unless you have a virtuoso player in your family, a Grand piano's expense make it prohibitive for first-time buyers. An upright pianos is more affordable and is the standard piano that best matches the budget, skill level and sound quality for a neophyte buyer.

If you have other questions about pianos, work with someone at a business like Snadens to learn more about the type of piano that will be best for you.


30 June 2015

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